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More screenshots in infocenters 
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: infocenters
: Kendra Bowker1566 27 Oct 2008
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The idea lnked to below is requesting more screenshots as well as sample task-flows.  I'd like to see the level of interest specifically in more screenshots, so I'm adding this as a separate topic.  Thanks for your feedback.

1) Bruce Elgort8298 (28 Oct 2008)
A definite yes!!!
2) Jennifer Heins221 (19 Feb 2009)
What about connecting to Flickr where people could post screen captures. Here is an example: { Link }
3) Kendra Bowker1566 (19 Feb 2009)
What's the advantage to posting on flickr?
4) Don Naro42 (04 Mar 2009)
I've been using the Tangler forums and found that they use Flickr screenshots in their help.

Tangler screenshots on Flickr >> { Link }

Screenshots from Flickr on the Tangler site >> { Link }
5) Don Naro42 (04 Mar 2009)
I think using Flickr, or something similar, would be good to encourage the community of users to contribute screenshots that they think are useful or relevant.

There are some downsides, like filtering is a problem and how do you monitor / control content on an external site?

I realize we're talking about in the Info Centers here. There's a lot more effort involved in maintaining them. Also, posting links to Flickr photos might get users off task or consume a lot of their time finding what they need.

Anyway, the real advantage, as I see it, is getting the community involved. Whether or not this is appropriate for the ICs is a different question.

The wikis are certainly the place for the community. And they are so much easier to maintain. Perhaps we could just add a statement to the ICs that point users to the appropriate wiki for screenshots?
6) Don Naro42 (10 Mar 2009)
I've been thinking some more about using screen shots in the Info Centers. Adding the screen shots would definitely require strict guidelines to ensure accessibility. The screen shots really should complement the text and not be used as the sole means of conveying information. Just a thought...
7) Kendra Bowker1566 (08 Sep 2009)
One of the advantages of the product wikis is the ease with which screenshots can be added and updated. Authors of wiki articles are encouraged to include screenshots to help illustrate procedures in articles.

Note that the Lotus Technical Information and Education team has been working to improve the experience for visual learners. Please see this post on our external blog to learn more about what we're doing in this area:

{ Link }
8) Kendra Bowker1566 (12 Apr 2010)
Status changed to Rejected


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