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: Thomas Adrian2252 07 Nov 2007
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Notes.net forums are very old and needs to be updated,
This is a list of a few things that should be in any modern forum.
Sticky threads
All post in a threads on one page
Attach images
Format Lotusscript/Java/Javascript code nicely
What's new since last visit.
Richtext / html / bbcode editing
Subscribe to threads wihtout a thousand clicks (and without a limitation)
Greasemonkey and RSS does not make an old system better.

1) Mika Heinonen3556 (07 Nov 2007)
Yes, notes.net forums area actually an quite underestimated resource. They help in most cases to resolve issues much faster than real SPR tickets to IBM. IBM should really put more resources in improving notes.net.
2) Bruce Elgort8320 (07 Nov 2007)

This doesn't really belong in the Notes Client "Idea" space. In the future we will have additional Idea Spaces for things like LDD etc. May I suggest Withdrawing this idea and re-activating it once we additional Idea Spaces setup?
3) Mika Heinonen3556 (07 Nov 2007)
Just add an feature to add new Idea Spaces. It doesn't need to be directly from the Idea Form, but a seperate IdeaJam configuration area would also work (to prevent too much random Idea spaces to be created by users).
4) Bruce Elgort8320 (08 Nov 2007)

We do not plan on allowing idea spaces to be created by anybody other than the site administrators at this point. Controls are a good thing :-)
5) Mika Heinonen3556 (08 Nov 2007)
Well, I didn't say anyone could use the configuration area, so if you say it's for Admins only, it can work as well (as long as they are actively tracking new needs and requests for areas).
6) Martin Vereecken1855 (22 Nov 2007)

Maybe you find it a little off-topic, but notes.net forums are used by a lot of us and they are notes related.
I started the same kind of threat on Notes.Net itself: { Link }
7) Brian Vincent150 (01 Mar 2008)
Here here it looks and behaves like a decade old website. It also should be renamed back to notes.net. Its not like anyone ever has adapted to the new name ( developerworks or whatever it is!)

8) Carlos Rivera160 (15 May 2009)
They should update them with the new xPages design. It's surprising that they haven't done it already.


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