Add GetHTML Method to NotesRichTextItem Class 
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: Sean Burgess6178 09 Nov 2007
: / Email
We already have GetFormattedText and GetUnformattedText, but what would really be helpful is to have a method that spits out the contents of a Rich Text field as HTML.  It should be no more and no less than what happens when you send an email to an outside user.  That's not asking for too much, is it?

1) Dan Sickles1725 (09 Nov 2007)
No, it's not ;-)
2) Ben Langhinrichs7382 (27 Nov 2007)
Part of the problem is that when you send an e-mail to an outside user, it is not HTML, it is MIME, which includes HTML, but also includes separate parts for images and attachments as well as the HTML part. As Sean probably knows, our Midas Rich Text LSX (see { Link } ) has offered this ability for years, but the devil is in the details. We have to allow you to specify whether the images and attachments will be referred to "in place" or exported along with the HTML or sent as MIME parts. All of this is not to say that the functionality should not be in the core product, it most likely should be, but that it is a bit more complex than just adding a GetHTML method.
3) Sean Burgess6178 (20 Dec 2007)
I am not looking to be able to do more than be able to display the contents of a richtext field in a browser just like it would if a form containing that richtext field were used to view the document. I know this is already part of the Domino HTTP engine since I have a number of read only forms that display richtext data great. But when I want to create a report or just send data back to a AJAX request, I would love to be able to easily just send back the code that would be generated by the Domino server if I was using a form instead of an agent.
4) Nick Radov1404 (27 Jan 2008)
I asked some of the IBM developers about this at Lotusphere. There are existing C API functions for HTML rendering. Unfortunately, that API is kind of messy and relies extensively on callbacks. They have made two attempts so far to design new Domino Object Model classes to wrap around that HTML C API but weren't able to come up with anything satisfactory.
5) Bruce Lill10666 (28 Feb 2008)
If you set the fields to store as html/mime you can pull it as mime content. The RTF field works a little different then but it works. I use this to let users enter help for the web into a rtf field, pull the html and store in a text field to allow for clean up. I have code to remove all font tags.


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