Enable Lotusscrupt classes to import images on backend 
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: Carl Tyler5343 31 Oct 2007
: / Email
Very often I have the need to import a graphics into a Domino rich text field.  Example JPG or GIF file.  Currently there are no backend classes to do this.  There should be a simple Lotusscript function to enable this, and allow for options like resize and rotate on import.

1) Grant Lindsay1038 (02 Nov 2007)
Is this available with a Java package?
2) Barry Shapiro498 (18 Nov 2007)
You can get creative in the import of images via notes dll calls but there is no way to crop / resize images from a backend class without having to purchase a product. While pictures have not really been an issue in the past with products like Sametime and Conenctions where pictures play a large role in Social Networkign it would be nice to be able to import them from the companys source system
3) Peter LaComb846 (02 Dec 2007)
I've never needed this, but now that I see the idea, I want it.

I only recently figured out how to do this with MS Word and VBA, and hadn't even thought about trying it in Notes.
4) Sjef Bosman2112 (01 Jan 2008)
Yes, it's possible with Java. When used in a Java agent, the server needs a reset every now and then. Apparently, this is due to memory leaks, even when all memory seems to be properly returned to the JVM.
5) Rich Bayless16 (30 Jun 2009)
FYI: I believe this functionality is already available ... using "Midas Rich Text LSX" from a 3rd party vendor called "Genii". However, I believe a single license of that software costs over $1,000. And, of course, since it is a 3rd party vendor's solution, there's no guarantee that it will be "forward compatible" with future releases of Notes/Domino. :-/

Needless to say, it indeed sure would be better to have this functionality in core LotusScript classes from IBM/Lotus!!!
6) Gerrit Schut217 (22 Feb 2010)
Normally, I wouldn't recommend any commercial product, but this one is so cheap, it's practically freeware: { Link }

The product is called "Import Image 2 Lotus Notes"

And can do a whole lot more just importing images.

If I was IBM, I would make a deal with Voith and make it part of the standard Notes/Domino client and server
7) Thomas Hampel124 (04 Jan 2011)
{ Link }


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