Lotus Domino/Notes VCL for Delphi, C++ Builder, etc 
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: Domino Designer
: Domino, Notes, API, Delphi, .Net
: Jeremy Hodge1359 14 Mar 2008
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Ok, so here is a "reverse" idea .... I'm looking for some feedback.  We, as a company, purchased the rights to DNotes a few years ago. If you aren't familiar with it, its a Delphi Native VCL ... its got both visual and non-visual components, and its built upon the Notes API.
We purchased it because we had a product that was written using it, and we wanted to ensure our ability to have it in the future. We did little to update it, so it can use some updating (its based on the R5 API right now) ... It works, its a great library, etc etc ...
My question is, is there or would there be interest in seeing this released under an open source LGPL or something similar into the notes community.  I'd love to see it progressed, and i think it could be a benefit to the developers out there. Not to mention that the newer versions of delphi have .Net capabilities and it could probably be very easily converted to a .Net library and we would have a fully functional .Net library as well...
So, I have to take this to my partners and convince them them this is the right move ... so help me out ... tell me, do you want it? and if so, vote this up and help me convince them!

1) Rob Goudvis8695 (17 Mar 2008)
I can't make my mind up: do I want something like this? And do I want to be able to design my application using another IDE? Like MSVC? Then again: in Designer 8.5 we get Eclipse.

So my vote goes to: no opinion.
2) Rob Wills1895 (28 Jan 2009)
It would be nice to have some examples of API calls available as Open Source for those of us that haven't made much use of the C API. I for one would download it if it were put onto OpenNTF (for example). However, the overall response seems to have been rather underwhelming!


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